Barington Capital specializes in custom-designed investment portfolios which meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Philosophy

We believe in value investing with a long-term focus. Each portfolio is created using primarily individual, publicly-traded securities. We gather and scrutinize information from several professional analyst sources to discover investment opportunities in quality companies trading at a discount to intrinsic value.


The Barington Capital Portfolio Manager brings a refreshing blend of integrity and expertise to deliver long-term growth and stability for every client.

Asset Allocation

Once we have carefully selected the best companies for your portfolio, we invest in them using efficient asset allocation models. The asset allocation models are used to maintain proper diversification so that your portfolio is positioned to get the highest return possible for the level of predetermined risk.

Tax-Efficient Investing

Investments are bought and sold with tax efficiency as a key consideration. Since after-tax investment gains matter most, we utilize the advantages of diverse account types (e.g., Trust, Joint, IRA and ROTH IRA) to build a custom, tax-efficient portfolio for each client.

Discretionary Services

Barington Capital invests client assets under a full-discretion arrangement. We partner with our clients in selecting the appropriate investment policy statement and operate only within those parameters.